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Lion Fish

If only all invasive species were as delicious as the Lionfish. If Kudzu salads were crisp and paired beautifully with Chardonnay, the south would soon be rid of the strangling vines. Unfortunately, there are few simple solutions for the invasive species that plague the United States. Zebra mussels, snakehead fish, and privet have taken over entire swaths of the country, with efforts to slow their progress largely ineffective.

Baked salmon fish fillet with fresh salad from spinach and tomatoes. Top view on white background.

A pescatarian is someone who avoids eating meats and poultry, but will consume fish. There are a number of reasons to choose this balance between vegetarianism and being a full-blown omnivore – ethics, environmental concerns, health concerns or even just aesthetic preference. There are several health benefits to making this choice and here is a look at five of them.

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