Lion Fish

If only all invasive species were as delicious as the Lionfish. If Kudzu salads were crisp and paired beautifully with Chardonnay, the south would soon be rid of the strangling vines. Unfortunately, there are few simple solutions for the invasive species that plague the United States. Zebra mussels, snakehead fish, and privet have taken over entire swaths of the country, with efforts to slow their progress largely ineffective.

Man holding beets

If you’ve never visited any of Miami’s farmers’ markets, now is the time. It’s never been easier to obtain fresh, local fare than this summer, when Miami is practically bursting with produce, dairy products, meats, and even household items far superior to anything you’ll find at your local supermarket.

coffee beans

Cold brew coffee is increasing in popularity but as it gains traction, many people begin to wonder, how is it different than a simple iced coffee? There are actually several differences. Let’s go over them and discuss the reasons cold brew is becoming so popular.

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