Baked salmon fish fillet with fresh salad from spinach and tomatoes. Top view on white background.

A pescatarian is someone who avoids eating meats and poultry, but will consume fish. There are a number of reasons to choose this balance between vegetarianism and being a full-blown omnivore – ethics, environmental concerns, health concerns or even just aesthetic preference. There are several health benefits to making this choice and here is a look at five of them.

Flat Stomach

The foods you eat play a major role in how you look, and if you’re carrying extra belly fat, you’ve probably wondered which meal-time items are the culprits. The fact is that you can’t spot treat belly fat, and if you want to lose a few pounds in your midsection, you’re going to have to lose weight in general.

Girl looking in the mirror

“You are what you eat” – you’ve heard that phrase so many times that it has probably lost all meaning to you. As much of a cliché as it is, the foods you put into your body really do impact how you feel and look. That’s certainly true when it comes to skin health. You can’t sit around all day eating French fries and then wonder why you don’t have that movie star glow! However, there are some foods that you can easily add to your diet that really will make a difference. Keep reading to learn more about the top foods for healthier skin.

couple running and taking a break

Are you sitting on the fence about starting a running regimen? Perhaps you know the joy of jogging but need a little nudge. The idea of running may be new to you. You may already be an avid sprinter. Whatever your reason for reading this, we invite you to get on the fast track to fitness. A mere five minutes of running can substantially boost your health.

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