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Flat Stomach

The foods you eat play a major role in how you look, and if you’re carrying extra belly fat, you’ve probably wondered which meal-time items are the culprits. The fact is that you can’t spot treat belly fat, and if you want to lose a few pounds in your midsection, you’re going to have to lose weight in general.

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“You are what you eat” – you’ve heard that phrase so many times that it has probably lost all meaning to you. As much of a cliché as it is, the foods you put into your body really do impact how you feel and look. That’s certainly true when it comes to skin health. You can’t sit around all day eating French fries and then wonder why you don’t have that movie star glow! However, there are some foods that you can easily add to your diet that really will make a difference. Keep reading to learn more about the top foods for healthier skin.

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As far as healthy juices go, cold-pressed reigns supreme. It can also sell for a premium price. For hard-core health seekers, the cost is worth it. Those new to cold-pressed may feel it’s beyond their budget. Still, the cold-pressed trend is sweeping the nation. Is this juice worth the expense? The hands-down answer is a definite “Yes!”

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Consumers are finding a wide range of new products that are labeled “gluten-free.” If you are not familiar with gluten, you may be one of the millions of people who are wondering what is gluten and why should I avoid it? Food experts have learned that gluten sensitivity can be the cause of a number of reactions that can make people feel ill, lower their energy and have medical complications.

Diabetic food pyramid

Living with Diabetes does not have to be difficult. The American Diabetes Association has created the Diabetes Food Pyramid to help people with diabetes better understand the food they can eat. The Diabetes Food Pyramid is different from the typical food pyramid. It groups different foods together and focuses on how certain foods affect blood glucose levels.  The good news is that no food is off-limits; it’s just a matter of understanding how much you eat, when you eat it, and what it will do to your blood sugar levels.

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