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Are you sitting on the fence about starting a running regimen? Perhaps you know the joy of jogging but need a little nudge. The idea of running may be new to you. You may already be an avid sprinter. Whatever your reason for reading this, we invite you to get on the fast track to fitness. A mere five minutes of running can substantially boost your health.

leg workout at home

Eating the right foods and working out is key when living a healthy lifestyle. Without both of these elements in your day-to-day life, most will struggle with staying in shape and maintaining a healthy body. Many times our busy schedules between work, family, and life in general keep us from focusing time on taking care of ourselves. Catered Fit not only provides healthy meals plans delivered fresh each day, but also a way to squeeze in a quick and effective home workout when getting to the gym isn’t a possibility. Below are some great tips for toning and maintaining your lower body at home.

Beef stir fry with vegetables

Muscle-bound athletes are everywhere. We see them competing in professional sports, banishing the bad guys in films and hawking their products on television. Have you ever wondered how those muscular specimens achieved such dynamic bodies and what they eat to maintain their high-performance conditioning?

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