December CEO Note

Healthy frozen meals offer a convenient, affordable, and nutritious option for those looking to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Happy Holidays Fit Fam,

    I am grateful to have your attention once again and promise not to add to any of the stress and strife we call life in 2020. This year will soon be in the rear view and I’m confident no one will miss it. The laundry list of never before seen strangeness in 2020 is too long to list so I figured I would end the year on a positive note. 

   This time last year we were “all in” on the launch of our national shipping campaign. My earliest vision of Catered Fit was that of a national leader in healthy meal delivery. It took us ten years to prove regional viability and the loyalty of our Florida and California members provided all the additional courage we needed to risk it all once again. In many ways we had bet the house on the success of this new product line. 

    Our entire technology department worked tirelessly for much of 2019 on developing the back end machinery needed to launch this new product. Aside from our investments in technology we also invested in vacuum sealing machinery that cost more than twice what my first home did! I grew up a broke kid in Broward County so my humble beginnings have always made me a bit more risk averse. For many, our company’s success over the past decade would have, should have and could have been more than enough to justify sitting back and enjoying the ride from here forward. Unfortunately, getting comfortable is nothing I have ever found much comfort in so continuing to roll the dice was our plan.

   While we can’t say the US has the most effective education, healthcare or criminal justice systems we are still THE land of opportunity! In 2010 we invested $2200 into T-shirts, flyers and a website and started cooking from home. In 2011 we bet every penny we had saved to lease our first solo kitchen. By 2015 we had outgrown that kitchen and bet it all (and then some) on building out what would become our National HQ. In 2017 we bet it all once again on the build out of our first technologies and opened a kitchen in Los Angeles. With kitchens on each coast and hundreds of hard working American’s on our team we rolled the dice one more time and our gamble paid off!

    We now have loyal members in all forty-eight states and never has our service been more valuable to our customers than it is today. To each and every one of you reading this I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your time and even more so for the opportunity to be a part of your busy lives. To all of our team coast to coast I say thank you as well. None of this could have been possible without your faith in me, in our vision and your determination to see it through. We may not have had many MBA’s, big names on our resumes or investors knocking down our door, but we did have a plan and we had each other. If that isn’t “The American Dream” I don’t know what is.

Health is Wealth,

Adam Friden / CEO

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