Adam Friden’s May CEO Note

Hello again CFit Fam,

The quarantine continues! I have no idea what day of quarantine we’re on anymore but I do know that my deodorant has become a relic, evening dog walks are the new “night on the town” and I can now walk into my bank with a bandanna over my face and sunglasses on and no one bats an eyelash. Safe to say this new normal is a little odd.

The first three weeks of my new quarantine life were rather hectic. I began watching the news again (that has since stopped) and my usual early morning gym sessions turned into frantic pacing around the couch trying to figure which apocalyptic curve ball was coming for us next. Then week four came and I took a deep breath, gathered my thoughts and got back into somewhat of a groove. The first step towards “my return to normalcy” was the most critical.

  If you haven’t developed a morning routine yet NOW IS THE TIME!!! My early morning rituals began to take form several years ago and have since evolved into the most critical component to my peace of mind and mental health. As soon as I returned to my ritual of an early morning stretch, a couple chapters of reading before some intense exercise (I traded iron for heavy resistance bands), I was able to rediscover the boy I knew before this virus pumped the brakes on the frantic life we once considered “normal”. If you have no clue what your future morning routine looks like order “Tools of the Titans” by Tim Ferris. This book details the morning routines of two hundred of the world’s most influential people and was a true game changer for my evolution into a more balanced Earthling.

CEO Adam Friden working out at home

How many “special projects” around the house do we put off for that “rainy day”? Welp, the forecast called for monsoon-like conditions for March, April and parts of May (let’s hope that’s it 🙏🏼) so I got to work on the home front! Over the course of the last sixty days I have re-done all of our landscaping, repotted every plant in the house, hung all of our vacation pics on the wall, fixed the roof drains, repainted the deck and pressures cleaned as far as the eye could see! I even bought a $20 leaf blower from Amazon and discovered the euphoric response I get when blowing leaves off my freshly planted grass. 

Humans have remained the top predator on this planet over the ions because of our unique ability to adapt to even the most drastic of circumstances. Fortunately, we haven’t been struck by a flaming asteroid from outer space nor have any foreign military driven tanks through our streets so I would say things could be a hell of a lot worse for us. No one is better equipped to turn a negative into a positive than the U, S, of A and before our lives return (in part) to what they once were, try and create some positive for yourself out of what very well could be the last time we aren’t racing from sun up to sun down like hamsters on a wheel. We love and appreciate every last one of you😘

Health is Wealth,

Adam Friden 
Chief Executive Officer

What I’m reading: everything Malcolm Gladwell!
What I’m watching: everything on Netflix and there’s nothing left.
How I’m training💪: Body Boss Portable Gym

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