Whipped Coffee

whipped coffee

If you’re like us, (and most Americans) you start your morning with a good ol’ fashioned cup o’ joe.  Coffee has bean around for centuries and is consumed all over the world in all types of ways. (raises hand emoji, I’ll have a vanilla almond milk latte please!)  Well, in today’s world, where we’re all sheltering-in-place, and working from home, coffee has gotten a 21st century makeover and we are here to show you how to do it!

Maybe you’ve seen the whipped coffee trend taking off on TikTok and Instagram, well believe it or not it is easy to do… as long as you have some instant coffee and are good with a whisk!

What you’ll need:

  • Instant coffee: We like Cafe Bustelo, after all our headquarters are in South Florida!
  • Sugar: You can use white or brown depending on your preference.
  • Hot water
  • Ice (optional)
  • Milk of your choice: our fav is definitely unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Super strength with a whisk OR an electric mixer

Step 1:
 Take equal parts instant coffee, sugar and hot (near boiling) water. For one serving it is about 1 tablespoon of each.

Step 2: 
Whisk, whisk and keep whisking.If you think you are done whisking, keep going. Joking aside, when you first mix your ingredients together you will get what looks like just dark consistency of instant coffee. After about 45 seconds of mixing, it will begin to thicken and get lighter in color. It will continue to get lighter in color and thicken in texture, almost to the point of fully formed whipped peaks. Depending on whether you are whipping by hand or with an electric mixer, you can definitely achieve different results (and at different speeds).

Step 3:
Fill a glass with ice and milk of your choice and then just spoon your whipped mixture on top and stir in! We love a good iced coffee, and with the vanilla almond milk it is such a treat! You can certainly enjoy a hot version of the same beverage, just spoon over warmed milk and enjoy!

Step 4: (And this one is really important!)
Instagram or TikTok your social-media worthy beverage. After all, if you don’t post it, did it even happen? 

Whipped coffee might seem like a brand new craze but it has existed in different forms across the world for years. For example, in South Korea it is called Dalgona, in India it is called Beaten Coffee (we get that name!) and in Greece it is calle Frappe! Whatever you call it, we know one thing’s for sure… it’s delicious!

Some tips from our pros:

  • It works best with granulated sugar but you can use alternative sweeteners, or no sugar at all but be prepared for far less “fluff”
  • Mix it in a bowl, not a mug! It might feel wasteful to mix such a small amount in a bowl, but because of how much you have to whisk, a small mug or container just isn’t enough space
  • Try it on ice cream! Whipped coffee doesn’t have to be a drink! Use it as a topping on your favorite desserts for a truly decadent treat. Our favorites have been brownies, tiramisu and of course vanilla ice cream.
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