How To Be More Productive When You Work From Home:

woman working from home

Working from home can be quite an adjustment… from setting up a home office to making sure your kids, spouse or roommate aren’t streaming Netflix while you’re zoom-meeting is going on. There is a lot that can make working from home a struggle. As we all adapt to the “new normal”, there are definitely some tips and tricks that can help you feel more productive. 

How to be more productive when you work from home: 

  1. Start your day by making your bed. Accomplish something for yourself as soon as you get up! This can help set the tone for the rest of your productive day at home! This isn’t new, and honestly shouldn’t be limited to when you work from home. But professionals all agree that making a bed is simple, easy and a great way to start your day. 
  2. Freshen up and get out of those pajamas! Working from home can make you feel comfortable… a little too comfortable lol. Putting on an actual outfit will help you get in the mindset of “work time and let’s get things accomplished!” Plus, no one wants to see your footie-pajamas on a zoom call! It’s important to feel productive, and it’s amazing how much what we are wearing contributes to that!
  3. It’s okay (even important)  to eat and snack throughout the day. Your body needs energy, but snack smart! Pass on the chips and opt for a veggie to satisfy that crunchy craving. And don’t even think about skimping on your lunch break! Take a lunch break and use this time to recharge with a healthy delicious meal. Catered Fit delivers right to your door, so which means lunch can be ready in 90secs in the microwave! Use lunch time to rest, don’t waste your time COOKING! It should be a break from work. The best way to be productive and fuel your focus is by eating on time. Eating helps your brain function to it’s best cognitive. Having prepared ready-to-eat meals is a game changer and can take the stress out of eating a healthy meal your mom would approve of. 
  4. Have a clean and tidy dedicated workspace! Okay- clean and tidy is sometimes hard, but the part that’s important is having a designated space! If you are working from your bed, it can have negative impact long term on your sleep. Blurring the lines between work, and what a bed is meant for… sleep. Setting up an at home work space is a great way to automatically get into the work zone. A clean desk is a clean slate where you won’t be scatter minded with the mess that could be around you! This will make your working from home a little easier and organized. 
  5. Set your goals for the day and work towards them! Having a clear goal for each day will help you have a productive workflow. Checking tasks off your list is so fulfilling! In this ever-changing world, it is sometimes hard to feel like we are keeping up, when the goal post feels like it keeps getting moved. That’s why a checklist, goal list or task list can really help! It’s such an accomplishment at the end of a long day, week or even month to see things completed!

Making these little changes can help the adjustment that much easier. What are some things that you include in your routine that you’ve found to help your situation a little better? Leave us a comment down below! 

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