Family Meals

We know you put your faith in us during this difficult time, so we are here to help by offering some staple proteins and sides to make life a little easier! (And keep you out of the supermarket!!)

Our meals are prepared using tray-sealing technology that preserves the meals without adding any preservatives!

That means they are certified FRESH for 21-days when stored in the refrigerator and up to 12 months in the freezer!

Don’t stock up on grocery store goods that spoil after a couple of days. We are here to provide you with TOP QUALITY items to last you and your family through this quarantine!

We will be delivering our family items with our Sunday and Thursday deliveries. (Only available in our Daily Delivery range in Florida) 

Signing up for family items is EASY!

1. Contact Customer Service by email: or call 855-400-CFIT to place an order!
2. Pick a delivery date Sunday or Thursday
3. Select from our available proteins, sides and even CFIT sauces

We care about our members and we want you to stay safe! Count on us to be here for you during this time!

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