5 Reasons Why Meal Prep Delivery Is This Season’s Hottest Gift

This season, give the gift of prepared meal delivery and revel in the adoration of giving the best gift of the year! Here are 5 reasons why everyone on your list wants daily meal delivery (even if they don’t know it yet):

Support Healthy Habits

Healthy eating can be a lot of work which sometimes deters people from making big changes to their diets, even if they know it would benefit them in the long run. With meal prep delivery from Catered Fit, creating new healthy habits is as easy as choosing a meal and portion that supports their desired lifestyle. In 2020 more people than ever will try a plant based or flexitarian diet. We make it simple to mix and match meals with lean proteins like chicken and fish, and meals with plant based proteins!

Help Them Achieve Fitness Goals

Whether you’re gifting meals to an avid fitness junkie or someone just getting into their exercise groove, healthy meal delivery can make all the difference in achieving fitness goals like muscle, gain, weight loss, or improving endurance. Meal planning with a prepared meal service like Catered Fit makes calorie or macro counting a breeze as all meals are pre-portioned and nutrition information is listed both when meals are chosen and when they’re delivered. Catered Fit’s paleo or keto meals are designed to be low-carb and high in lean proteins, perfect for those looking to achieve and weight-loss goals or are fueling their strength training.

Give the Gift of Free Time

It’s already been mentioned, but healthy eating takes serious time and dedication. Between meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and portioning, creating a week of meal prep can take up an entire Sunday. With prepared meal delivery, the only time spent is on choosing what delicious healthy meal to get delivered, and the 2 minutes it takes to heat it up. Giving the gift of daily meal delivery frees up the time formerly spent preparing healthy food so when you’re really gifting hours of free time! That’s priceless if you ask us!

Gift Something Useful

If you’ve ever shopped for someone who has everything, you know the feeling of having purchased something that you know they probably don’t need and may never use. It feels wasteful! When you give a week of meal prep delivery, you know your gift will be well received. Catered Fit allows members to schedule their deliveries for their busiest days or cancel deliveries when they don’t need them. The convenience is sure to speak to even the hardest person on your list.

Food Equals Love

You know how the saying goes: the way to the heart is through the stomach. This year, show those who are important to you just how much you love them with. They’ll think of you every time they dig into our stellar breakfast pancakes or most flavorful steak dinner. They’ll love you a little more each night they don’t have to come home from work to cook a healthy meal. Give the gift of love, aka the gift of meal prep delivery. PS, if they’ve been REALLY good this year, you might even consider adding on desserts for delivery too!

Why Catered Fit?

Meals prepared at Catered Fit are designed with members in mind. The ingredients used in our freshly prepared meals are nutrient dense, locally sourced, and sustainably grown. Our chefs put together meals that speak to our members taste buds while keeping their optimal health top of mind. This year, give daily meal prep delivery to your loved ones and we promise they won’t be able to stop talking about the best gift they’ve ever received. 

Use code HOLIDAY25 to save $25 on the purchase of a new member meal plan valued at $145+. If you wish to apply this discount to a gift certificate, contact customer service at orders@cateredfit.com or by calling 855-400-2348.

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