How Seniors Can Refresh Their Joy by Revisiting Wellness

Life is never simple, but in your senior years, it can sometimes feel like things are out of control. Over time, the changes in your mind and body can really drag you down. If you’re feeling low, take heart, because there are some things you can do to put the spring back in your step.


Examine the Possibilities

As we grow older, we see many things which can weigh on us. Losses, illnesses, and other issues can make anyone anxious or down. However, while it’s normal to experience sadness and grief in life, experts cited by US News indicate that depression is not a normal part of aging.  Experiencing symptoms for a couple weeks or more, such as trouble sleeping, irritability, or a change in appetite, could mean serious trouble.  

Thankfully, you can get help through counseling, which can be covered by insurance. Ensuring you participate in what is available to you is an opportunity to boost your quality of life, so examine your options carefully.

Food for Thought

As time goes by, science is revealing the old adage that “you are what you eat” is pretty much true. According to some research, gut health can greatly influence your general attitude. When things get off kilter in your digestive tract, it appears your moods can reflect it. Adding more fermented foods to your diet, such as yogurt, kefir, and apple cider vinegar, can help give your gut a boost, or you can take a probiotic supplement. This simple tweaking of your diet could help lift your spirits and boost your energy at the same time!  

Get Growing

Digging around in the dirt might not sound like therapy, but according to Thrive Global, gardening can be a health booster. It appears that gardening can alleviate feelings of depression, relieve stress, and help with arthritis. It’s physical enough to work your muscles and help with balance and flexibility, and it’s engaging enough to take your mind off negative things.  Being surrounded by the colors, sounds, and scents of nature can help you feel good, and the sunshine helps your body release chemicals that naturally improve your mood.  

You can even use gardening as a tool to improve your diet by growing some veggies. If you’re new to gardening, choose some beginner-friendly vegetables, like cucumbers, green beans, and summer squash. Spinach is a great choice for newbies, and it’s also considered a superfood. A few other superfoods include blueberries, carrots, and tomatoes. You can even grow your edibles in raised containers, which makes them easier to tend.

Check in with Friends

Connecting with friends can be a key to feeling more upbeat. WebPsychology points out that friendship is important to feeling like you belong, avoiding loneliness, and feeling supported. Unfortunately, some research indicates that many seniors become socially isolated, which can lead to downfalls in health and well-being. Spending time with friends can be good for you and for them. Consider getting together with a buddy for lunch, going for walks with a neighbor, or delivering some of your fresh produce to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Finding new friends with similar interests is another option. Join a hobby club or meetup to play cards or exchange books, or take a class to learn something new. Sharing experiences and connecting can help you stay well, and you’ll feel better spending time with others.

Feeling good and enjoying wellness can seem tough, especially as you grow older. While it’s natural to experience lows, staying down is unhealthy. By taking control of your circumstances with some simple quality of life changes, you can refresh your golden years.

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