Five Benefits of Providing Employees With Lunch

We’ve all heard the old economics principle, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” and in many ways this has never been true, but not in the way you think! Office lunchtime can end up costing the employer way more than it costs the purchaser who is ordering whatever fast food option is most convenient. Instead of witnessing your employees bringing back a sack of fried foods (which run them on average 836 calories!), why not offer them a nutritious, freshly prepared meal from a delivery service like Catered Fit?

Here are the top 5 ways employer sponsored lunch programs benefit the employee and employer alike:

Save Time

We know there is no greater commodity at work (or in life) than time itself. Rather than foraging around for whatever is closest or most convenient, a corporate meal plan or lunch program saves time from the inevitable search for something to eat when the afternoon hunger sets in. Instead of wasting their time at the drive thru, employees can choose to take their lunch at their desk, in a common space, or outside- making their break time even more relaxing so they can gear back up for an afternoon of productivity.

Promotes Health

Employers spend a lot each year to provide health benefits to their employees in the form or health insurance but it should really extend beyond that. Health starts in the stomach. By providing one healthy meal each day to your employees, you’re significantly decreasing the risk of diseases like diabetes, the use of sick days, and ultimately the cost of healthcare.

Increased Focus

Productivity, mood, and ability to concentrate are all affected by the lack of nutritious and timely meals. If you’ve ever been “hangry” (so hungry that everything is irritating) you know the feeling! In 2019 it was reported by the American Institute of Stress that more than 50% of US workers frequently skip lunch. Your body’s primary source of energy comes from the nutrients in the foods you eat. Fasting for hours at a time depletes your supply of glucose, hindering concentration, memory, mood, and focus. Bottomline, increase productivity by serving your employees foods that fuel them!

Attract New Talent

A company provided lunch may sound trivial, but employees at companies like Robinhood, Airbnb, Glassdoor, CoverMyMeds, Facebook and more will tell you that the perks of a “free” lunch add up. Beyond saving money on weekly groceries or takeout, employees also save time in the kitchen by not having to prep lunch each day. Perks like these speak loudly to the millennial workforce as these young professionals are interested in how the culture of a business speaks to them. And nothing creates a better work culture than sharing a meal with co-workers.

Boosts Morale

Let your employees know how much you appreciate them and say it with daily healthy meals that they can share with their work family. Interacting with your employees and coworkers daily creates a channel of communication beyond hellos and goodbyes, making conversation, feedback, and productive discussion more commonplace. This instills trust and camaraderie between employer and employee.

Why Catered Fit?

Catered Fit is the only prepared meal delivery service in South Florida or Southern California that delivers freshly prepared meals not just once or twice a week, but 5 days a week. Employees are able to choose their meals from a menu with 27 different daily options including meals that are paleo, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten free, low glycemic and more. The menu is different every day of the week and offers fresh, seasonal produce and consciously raised meats. Meals are prepared by chefs in our Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale kitchens, all with balanced nutrition in mind.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Corporate Wellness page or give us a call at 855-400-2348 to begin providing an amazing daily lunch experience for your staff.

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