Adam Friden’s August 2019 CEO Note

Hello again Fit Fam,

Summer has nearly come and gone and we are excited to have so many of you back from your summer sabbaticals. This month is always a special one for our team because it marks another full trip around the sun for Catered Fit. Nine years ago my best bro brought me an article in the Miami Herald detailing the first meal prep company in America and from that day forward my life, and many of yours, has never quite been the same.

I believe that in order to be great, we must constantly measure ourselves against yesterday’s performance, and many others in our great nation subscribe to the same philosophy. With that said, I am the first to admit that America has a few critical areas to improve upon. In comparison to other first world nations we rank in the middle or the bottom in public education and health care, but at the top when it comes to incarceration levels or likelihood of being victim to a violent crime. There is however one title which we remain the undisputed world champions…that this is “The Land of Opportunity”! I talk about the land of opportunity because nine years ago I read an article in the paper about a new and emerging industry and three weeks later Catered Fit was born..

When I started Catered Fit I invested a total of $2,200. That was enough capital to incorporate, build a website, print business cards, fliers, company shirts and hats and open a company checking account. In other countries around the world there is a lot of red tape before you can even get to call yourself a business owner. In this country, it just takes an idea, about $150 for some paperwork, and a lot of hustle to build your empire. 

My vision when CF was conceived was to prove our concept in South Florida where we knew there was an emerging market and then to expand throughout the entire US with a few other brick and mortar kitchens and the power of e-commerce. I can say now, nine years later, with an east and west coast kitchens that crank out thousands of meals daily that we STILL see so much opportunity in front of us. What opportunity you might ask? Well, for the last week, our leaders have been feverishly working on testing some amazing new equipment that will help us in preserving food quality to the highest level so that meals can arrive right to your door as fresh as ever. Even if that door is in Texas, Seattle, Boston or Chicago. 

My message this month is two-fold. It is one of gratitude for the opportunities I have had (and still have) as a business owner and secondly it is one of encouragement. I encourage any of you who are as unhappy as I was at my job before I became an entrepreneur to take the leap. Take whatever you are truly passionate about and find your niche. Whatever idea distracts you from your current desk job… start building it! (Just don’t quit your day job until your new side hustle can pay all the bills.). 

I have been loving the emails I get from you all on an array of topics, but this week I have a different request. If any of you reading this are thinking about taking that entrepreneurial leap or have already jumped into the deep end and want some advice, please email me directly at This is the land of opportunity, and because of that, it is our responsibility to spread that wealth however we can. 

Thank you once again for all of your love and loyalty. I am forever grateful.

Health is Wealth,

Adam Friden


Catered Fit

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