Just Brew It: Coffee and Your Health

We all love that warm, inviting smell of our morning cup of joe (or, if you’re a Catered Fit customer, the taste of a strong, cold, cold-brew!). For many, coffee is the best part of the day. There’s no need for concern if coffee takes away from your healthy lifestyle, because in fact recent studies have proven the contrary. “Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source. Nothing else comes close” says Dr. Joe Vinson. Drinking a daily cup of coffee not only is a mood booster, but contributes to our overall wellness and health. So go ahead and pour that cup of java and give your body a boost of powerful antioxidants. 

cold-brewed coffee

Brew Your Way to a Better Body

Regular coffee consumption is linked to a positive influence on many aspects of your physical health. If you are looking for a cup that gives the most nutritious punch, your best bet is fair-trade coffee which has almost 60% of the beans sourced organically. Drinking fair trade organic coffee means you’re not sacrificing any of the rich antioxidants or nutrients in your daily cup as it’s grown without added pesticides and traded straight from the farmer. A ritual cup of coffee, whether fair trade or from your local cafe, is linked to an 18% less risk of death and a further reduced risk of diseases including cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, and other detriments to a healthy lifestyle.

Work it Out: Coffee and Exercise

Your cup of joe also helps give you that much needed boost to go exercise. No need for protein powders or processed foods, when you can indulge in rich antioxidants and natural stimulants that a cup of coffee contains. The high levels of caffeine in the drink are found to help burn off unwanted fat during exercise, promoting your overall physical health and wellness. 

Coffee Brain: Give Your Brain a Boost

Coffee doesn’t just aid in your physical health. It is also linked to enhanced mental stimulation and brain functioning. Coffee is a stimulant that when absorbed into the bloodstream, travels into the brain that helps fire off crucial neurotransmitters that help with mental alertness and focus. That brain fog you once felt in the early morning hours is gone now that you’re drinking your coffee because of the firing of these neurotransmitters. The drink not only aids in mental focus, but also is a huge mood booster. A Harvard study found that women who consumed 4 or more cups of coffee daily had a 20% reduced risk of becoming depressed. When you have your cup of coffee, you’re ready to take on the day and live out a healthy lifestyle. 

Coffee and your health are a perfect blend. A simple cup of coffee not only boosts your mood, but fortifies you with powerful nutrients that contribute to your healthy lifestyle. 

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