The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Hot Water with Lemon

How many of you drink coffee or tea when you wake up in the morning? We know most of you are saying, “Uh, me.” Most of us here at Catered Fit enjoy having a cup of coffee or tea as a nice wake-up call, too. But did you know that drinking hot water – yes, just water – is the best way to start your morning?

Remember Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth? Well hot water IS the “Fountain of Youth.” Here’s why: It improves your digestion, blood circulation, slows down aging and clears your skin.


Drinking hot water in the morning helps eliminate the waste you had in your body from the day before. In other words, it encourages a bowel movement… Not only does it help break down anything you had a hard time digesting, but it also helps flush out any toxins!

Blood Circulation

Don’t you feel so good after taking a nice long shower or bath? Well drinking hot water can have a similar effect. You’ll feel that boost of energy and you’ll also feel much lighter. ESPECIALLY after you’ve had that bowel movement 😉

Aging and Complexion

Wrinkles. We’re all going to get those pesky wrinkles at some point in our lives. But there are ways to slow down that process. Nourishing your body with plain hot water helps prevent any signs of premature aging, dry skin and pimples!

Just like a steamed facial, drinking hot water can help unclog your pores. Remember when we said that it aids in digestion? Well flushing out those toxins and eliminating the waste in your intestine helps to make way for a cleaner gut. When your gut is clean, your face is clean. Weird duo, we know. But hey it works!

If you don’t like the taste of water (water has a taste?) then you can squirt some lemon or lime in it to give it a nice little zing. Interested in the benefits of lemon water? We’ve got a post on that, too!

We are trying our very best to make this a habit in our office this year. After reading all of that interesting information, are you going to start drinking hot water in the morning?

Fountain of Youth here we come!

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