Getting back in shape after the Holidays

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Looking forward to getting back in shape in 2019? If you’re like most people, you probably paired eating too much with not doing a lot of exercise during the holidays. If you’ve put on a few extra pounds, the first thing to remember is that the weight gain didn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect it to come off quickly either. By including just a few changes to your diet and daily routine, you should be able to take care of any damage done over the holidays and even lose additional weight. Start the year right!

First Thing: Set Realistic Goals

If you set your mind to lose one or two pounds a week, you will reach your goals easily. It’s best to take it one week at a time. Don’t try to overhaul your diet overnight. If you make too many changes at once, chances are, you’ll get frustrated and give up.

Eat More Often

People who have kept their weight off for more than a few years tend to eat an average of five times a day. Light, frequent meals curb your appetite, boost your energy, improve your mood and even speed up your metabolism, since the process of digestion itself burns calories.

Add Healthy Foods or Try Something New

Make an effort to include some good nutrition into your daily meal plan. If you are a picky eater, set a goal to try adding some healthier foods into your diet every week. Remember, it may take 20 to 30 times of trying something new before you acquire a taste for it.

Load Up on Veggies

After the holidays, challenge yourself to eat 7 to 12 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Get a variety of produce to ensure that you’re getting essential vitamins and minerals that you probably skimped on over the holiday break.

Drink Water

It’s a common mistake to confuse thirst for hunger. Next time you feel like snacking, drink a glass of water instead. Drinking water also helps you feel full, so drink as you eat to add volume and weight to your meal.

Ignore the Scale for a Few Days

You may be tempted to stand on the scale and see how much you’ve gained or lost. Instead of stepping on the scale which could get you feeling down about your progress, wait a few weeks to let your weight loss take effect.

Find a New Routine

Sometimes, it’s hard to get back into something if you’re bored with it. The gym was awesome at first, but now, seems dull. Find something new that excites you such as a CrossFit session or a Krav Maga class. It’s important that you find something that will get you back in shape while having fun.

Easy Does It

Your first workout after a holiday break will probably feel more difficult than you remember. Don’t be disappointed, it happens to everyone. Every day, push harder and go further. Give your body a chance to regain momentum.

Talk to Experts

Talk to a fitness and health expert about how to get back in shape. You may see weight loss specials on TV that look easy or a friend may tell you about a miracle diet that is a must try, however, this could do more harm than good. Every body is different, so find the right meal plan and exercise routine that works best for you.

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