10 Beach Exercises

Yoga on the Beach

At Catered Fit we strongly believe that staying healthy and fit in today’s society is important. Exercising and a well-balanced diet contribute to losing weight and keeping in shape. People who are lucky to live in warm climates and near beaches like Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Los Angeles have more exercising options, such as:

Running on the beach

Running on the sand impacts the entire body. It strengthens the limbs because the arms and legs are put into motion to move the body forward. Due to the resistance from the sand, effort must be exerted, helping to burn fat and speed up metabolism.

Swimming in the Ocean

The motions of the body required for swimming are muscle-toning actions. It includes the cooperation of every body muscle because of the effort involved. This makes it a swift method for fat burning and muscle toning. It also speeds up your metabolic rate.

Beach Side Yoga

Yoga helps you to get in tune with your spirit, mind and body. You should choose a comfortable spot to allow quiet meditation. The benefits are clarity of thoughts and connection with your higher self. When body, mind and spirit are in sync with each other, it puts you in a better mental position to release stress. Stress has been known to increase body fat.


Pilates is excellent for body strengthening, coordination and flexibility. Body toning, reshaping and flat abs are sure results of this activity. It usually requires space to lie down, stretch out and move about in a flat position. So, take along your exercise mat or comfortable material on which to lie down.

Paddle Boarding

Paddling on a specially designed board is a nice way to work those arm muscles and core. Depending on your skills, you can also do sit-ups and other similar exercises. It’s a way to ride the waves and lose the fat. Being out in the water provides a relaxing atmosphere and assists in muscle strengthening and toning.

Beach Volleyball

Fun in the sun while knocking a ball over the net energizes the body, tones muscles and burns fat, all in one stroke. It encourages flexibility of the limbs, as well as alertness of the mind.

Roller Skating or Biking

Effectively works the triceps and biceps. They also encourage strengthening and flexibility of the entire body. These activities are great for cardio and in sunny days can help you get a nice tan.

Beach Soccer

The low-impact kicking and running provide a great workout for your whole body. It emphasizes eye and muscle coordination. The focus gained helps the mind and body.


Surfing can be very fun to participate in; it can also provide you with many exercise benefits. If you are lucky to live in a prime surfing area you can benefit by improving balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Boot Camp or Cross-fit Training

Discipline and motivation are side benefits of boot camp and cross fit training. Both activities assist in strengthening and conditioning the body.

Activities on the beach make it more invigorating, exciting and enjoyable to work out. However, some exercises may cause injury, so it’s important to exercise carefully and cautiously. Since working out causes you to perspire, be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Remember that with any type of exercise it is important to fuel your body with the right food and drinks to stay healthy.

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