New Spring Menu

This April we have something new to deliver! (More like 500 new things!)
On April 23rd we are launching a BRAND NEW MENU with four weeks of deliciously paired, innovative and healthy meals! Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, don’t worry, we didn’t remove any of the favorites like our Buffalo Meatballs… we didn’t want our members storming the offices with pitchforks and torches… BUT there are more than 500 new menu items across all three meal plans!

What was our inspo this time? We wanted to take our high quality ingredients and dial up the flavor by using what’s in bloom this season, what food-trends are on the horizon and what we know you love! (lookin’ at you honey orange blossom pancakes…)

Designing meals and menus is a fine art, and lucky for us, we have a whole team of fine artists! From our culinary team, our product team, and even our executive team, everyone got to weigh in on the new menus and offer opinions. And let’s not forget, we all got to do a A LOT of taste testing!

We definitely did our research and looked at what meals are most frequently selected by our members. We even surveyed our Instagram followers with a series of this-or-that polls (follow us if you aren’t already @cateredfit) and we landed on a menu that we are so proud of.

Who says you can’t have cake for breakfast? NOT US!  Our new Carrot Cake Oatmeal will really put a pep in your step first thing in the morning. A hearty oatmeal with carrots, walnuts, golden raisins, chia seeds, maple syrup and the warm taste of cinnamon will fill your belly and trick your brain into thinking you’re having a slice of carrot cake for breakfast… and you basically are. The only thing missing? ALL. THOSE. CALORIES.

We love an Acai bowl as much as the next person, but we’ve done one better. We’d like to introduce you to our Acai Pancakes! Definitely don’t miss out on these fluffy babies! Our Acai pancakes are served with a mixed berry compote and topped with slivered almonds. Acai bowl minus the brain freeze… Yes PLEASE!

We’re pretty obsessed with our new breakfast menu, but lunch and dinner are also out of this world. Or maybe we should say around the world. We are bringing you flavors from Vietnam to Sweden, Italy to India and let’s not forget, some good ol’ home style American classics.

Did you know one of the perks of working at Catered Fit is complimentary lunch? As a team we are super excited for this menu! Our team’s new favorite? The southern style shrimp and grits! We are taking comfort food to a new level with this meal. As in, you just wait comfortably at home while we deliver it right to your door.

Even though we’re bringing a lot of newness to the menu, our number one goal is always the same… delectably delicious, macro-nutrient balanced, perfectly portioned, freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door.

New menus start with meals for April 23rd, but you don’t need to wait that long! We are posting the menus this weekend so you can login on Monday April 9th to begin picking! Love a meal? We (really) want to know! Drop us a note by email at!

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