Buy Yourself Some Time

What would you do with a few extra hours a week? Experiment with yoga? Get in a few more reps at the gym? Make an appearance at the PTA meeting? Stop wishing that there were more hours in the day and free up some of your time with Catered Fit’s meal deliveries!

Forget grocery shopping.

Catered Fit uses the same wholesome ingredients that you would choose for yourself and your family. Let us do the shopping while you spend that extra hour with someone you love!

No more skipping meals.

Breakfast is ready when you wake up and lunch is already packed! You just earned another 30 minutes per day with Catered Fit. Go ahead and snooze that alarm one more time…

Give up Sunday meal prep.

Want your weekend back and freedom from eating the same meals all week? Catered Fit offers a huge variety of healthy meals to choose from. Plus, we portion them for you and print the nutrition info on the label.

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