Adam Friden’s April 2018 CEO Note

Salutations Fit Fam,

Happy Earth Month! With each passing day I am becoming more and more of a “tree hugger”. While the EPA loosens its regulations on some of our country’s biggest polluters, I am tightening my own. No better time than now to share a few of the steps I take to play my part in conserving our beautiful planet. Brace yourself! Some of my “quirkiness” may seem a bit neurotic…

Let’s start with the Catered Fit paper bags and meal containers. Like many of us, I use my meal containers for as many random applications as I can. My old containers serve as Tupperware, they organize paper clips and other stationery items in my office and junk drawers and even serve as water bowls for the random neighborhood cats that come to drink my pool water every morning . When it comes to all the paper bags that get delivered, I turn my inner Captain Planet on full blast! Every morning myself, my future bride and my furry daughter, Dolce, go on a long walk around the neighborhood. We now take our Catered Fit paper bags with us on our morning strolls and fill them with random trash we collect around the neighborhood. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment, community, and puts those bags to good use before they end up in the recycling bin.

When it comes to conserving our planet’s natural resources here are few random things I do around the house. First off, I do not turn on lights during the day! I bought a house with natural sun light in every room so that I had no excuse but to go light free all day. If there is an unnecessary light switch left on, trust I will be right behind to turn it off. When I brush my teeth I don’t keep the water running throughout nor do I keep the faucet open while I am washing my hands. I also don’t let the shower run for very long before I get in and get out. Water is scarce in many parts of the world (our Cali members know this all too well) and we ALL better start making subtle, if not drastic, changes in our consumption before we learn how tough everyday life can be when we don’t have H2O at our disposal. While we are discussing water, I can’t forget to mention how much I HATE buying plastic water bottles! I will only buy a bottle of water if my only other option is death by dehydration. Plastics are destroying our oceans and waterways. I drink at least one gallon of water per day and do so out of a one liter stainless steel canteen. If I have no choice but to drink a bottle of water I make sure I carry it around all day and refill it as I go. Hopefully some of my quirky conservatism rubs off. 🌏

Before I wrap up this month’s CEO Note I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how excited we all are about our new season of menus that launch in the coming weeks 🚀.  Our culinary team has scoured the globe to put together this next menu and we are awfully proud of it. Our menus are one of the few things that really set us apart from the competition. The others in the industry have very small rotating menus that tend to feature lots of daily duplicates. Their menus are designed to be as easy to produce as possible. We, on the other hand, push our culinary team to the absolute max of their capabilities in hopes that we can make your taste buds dance 💃. When you see one of the many bowls or salads on our menu for example, they feature as many as fourteen different components all of which take substantially longer to prep, produce, and plate. We do this because we love you guys and our singular focus is impressing all of YOU. We hope you appreciate all that goes into our meals half as much as we appreciate the opportunity to play such a critical role in your busy lives. Until next time familia✌🏻

Health is Wealth,

Adam Friden/CEO

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