Wellness Countdown


It’s HARD to keep up with all the routines and rituals that doctors and health enthusiasts say will keep you fit, focused, and well. With 12 editions of Eat This Not That, diet trends that change daily, and never ending exercise fads (remember the Shake Weight?), it’s easy to get overwhelmed and find yourself back on the couch with a box of Cheez Its watching Supersize Me (again).

Whether your journey toward a healthier lifestyle is years in the making or you’re just taking your first steps, here is a simple wellness countdown of 10 ways to boost your mental and physical wellness every day.

10. Look up from your phone or computer screen every ten minutes

9. Take 9,000 steps a day

8. Drink eight glasses of water a day

7. Sleep for seven hours or more a night

6. Consume six servings of grains per day

5. Stretch or meditate for five minutes an hour

4. Consume four servings of fruits and vegetables a day

3. Eat three healthy meals a day

2. Avoid your phone for two hours before bed

1. Set one intention for your day

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