Let’s Talk About Tofu

Tofu dinner

As the popularity of plant based diets grows in the US, it is important to us that we offer our vegetarian and vegan member’s meals that contain the recommended amount of protein. While there are plenty of options for plant based proteins, perhaps the most popular and diverse is tofu.

What is tofu?

Tofu, or bean curd, is a soy product that is formed as soy milk coagulates. Tofu has been consumed in Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Vietnam for approximately 2000 years, according to Wikipedia. Did you know the firmness or density of the tofu (which ranges from extra soft to extra firm) determines the amount of protein?  A serving (100 grams) of typical soft tofu contains about 8 grams of protein.

Why eat tofu?

UM… Maybe because it is DE-LI-CIOUS!
But there are also scientific reasons that we love. Soybeans are dense with protein and you can consume soy in a variety of ways, but if you don’t love the taste of edamame or the fermented flavor of tempeh, both of which contain slightly higher amounts of protein, tofu offers a great alternative. Once you’ve pressed all or most of the water from tofu, you can saturate it again with flavor by marinating it. Tofu can be grilled, pan fried, scrambled up in the place of eggs, blended into smoothies, added to soups, or simply eaten plain… (We don’t know anyone who does that last one, but hey, you never know!) Tofu can take on any flavor you’d like it to and can be substituted for everything from ground taco beef to vegan cheesecake.

Fun Fact! A serving of tofu also contains about 4 carbs, 2 of which are dietary fibers which help to lower bad cholesterols and aid in weight management. Take THAT animal protein! According to livestrong.com, tofu contains heart-healthy, unsaturated fats where animal proteins contain saturated fats which are known to contribute to high cholesterol and even heart disease when eaten in excess.

What about genetically modified tofu?

Here’s where we draw the line. All of the tofu used at Catered Fit is organic! Let’s say it again for the people in the back… ORGANIC! We think genetic science is great, but not for our tofu! In reference to the foods we eat, GMOs are modified to withstand herbicides and/or produce insecticide which, in theory, produces a larger yield of crop. While this may seem to be a solution of sorts, it’s lead to the creation of ‘super-weeds and super-bugs’ which have built an intolerance to the commonly and heavily used herbicides like Roundup (which have been linked to cancer).  Super-weeds and super-bugs mean super toxic chemical solutions that affect not only the crop but the land it’s cultivated on and the environment. That’s why we keep our tofu organic, so you can enjoy each bite without the concern of it being genetically modified.

What’s served up at Catered Fit?

We love tofu but we think some things are best left the way Mother Nature created them. That’s why Catered Fit serves amazing tofu dishes without the risk of carcinogens and excessive toxins. As of the start of 2018, Catered Fit serves only organic, non-GMO soy products and tofu. It’s just another way that we’re making healthy living a little easier!

Give tofu a try! Enjoy our favorite General Tso’s Tofu with brown rice and asparagus or our Carolina style tofu kabobs. Both are on our Meatless plan, and trust us, both are TOFUTALLY delicious.

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