Top Five Hydrating Foods


This new year, many of us around the office have found that we share a common goal; doing a better job of staying hydrated. We have all heard the old adage of eight 8oz glasses of water each day, but actually, there’s no scientific data to prove that this is sufficient intake. More recent studies suggest a woman consume around 91 ounces, or 2.7 liters, per day, while men should have 125 ounces, or 3.7 liters, per day. What’s interesting is, according to the National Academies of Sciences, those figures include food and drink!

Of course there are numerous tips and tricks from apps to alarms that can help remind us to drink, drink, DRINK! But we food lovers happen to think it’s GREAT news that eating can help increase our water consumption. In fact, there is no shortage of foods that can help you meet your daily hydration and help you keep your resolution on track!

Here is our list of the TOP FIVE HYDRATING FOODS:

  • Cucumber: With a 96.7% water content, the cucumber has the highest source of water content than any other solid food. Plus, it’s one of the easiest to mix into a daily routine. Add it in a salad, incorporate with yogurt for a refreshing dip or even just snack on some cukes on their own… DELISH!
  • Iceberg Lettuce: 95.6% water content in iceberg lettuce, makes total sense, it has the word ICE in it. Iceberg lettuce is not the go-to when it comes to nutrition (we definitely recommend some leafy greens for fiber) but a nice crispy iceberg has the highest water content of any lettuce.You officially have no reason to turn down that wedge salad!
  • Celery: Celery is one of our FAVS. Not only does it have a 95.4% water content but it’s got a one-two punch of fiber and water. Thanks to its high water content, it’s often recommended as a natural remedy for acid reflux or heartburn. Plus, it has just 6 calories per stalk.
  • Radishes: So far our whole list has been GREEN but radishes are here to change that. With a high water content of 95.3% and a burst of sweet-spicy flavor, we should all be eating a lot more radishes. Fun fact, did you know they have some of the same antioxidants as green tea?!
  • Tomatoes: 94.5% water content can be found in most tomatoes. While we usually think of them as an addition to a burger or salad, swap out your afternoon snack for a handful of cherry or grape tomatoes. They are PACKED with hydration and absolutely delicious!

There are SO many fruits and veggies with a great water content that you can use to stay more hydrated during the day.

BONUSWatermelon (91.5%), Spinach  (91.4%), Starfruit (91.4%), Strawberries (91%), Baby Carrots (90.4%) and Cantaloupe (90.2%)

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