Adam Friden’s January 2018 CEO Note

CEO Adam Friden

Hello Catered Fit Fam!

Happy New Year! As we are already a few days into 2018, those of you that are members may already have experienced some of the exciting new additions to our service! This year I am especially thrilled about what we are now serving up.

Without further adieu, here are the highlights of our 2018 product launch:

First and foremost, we have redesigned all of our menus. Beginning January 1st , 2018 we have been cooking up new taste pairings with diverse flavors, innovative ingredients, and most importantly, variety.  Don’t worry #CFitFam, we aren’t taking away the classics but we are proud to have built a menu for all of our meal plans that is as interesting as it is tasty! We are quite proud of our newest menu additions and hope to get lots of feedback from all of you. But these changes aren’t limited to our Meal Plans. Have you seen our line of coffees and teas?  We’ve now expanded our selection of drinks to include Vanilla and Hazelnut Cold Brewed Coffee, Matcha Tea Latte and my personal favorite, our Turmeric Milk Tea Latte (all that Cancer fighting deliciousness!) We have also expanded our lines of desserts and snacks! Now all of them can now be selected through our Member Portal and you can manage your preferences and exclusions for all of your addons!

As cliché as the saying may be, it is the absolute truth; children are the future, so we need to teach them well and let them lead the way…  Over the last 8 years, we have had continuous requests for a kid’s meal plan and this year we delivered 😉! The harsh reality is that the children of our country are as unhealthy as any generation in our history. Childhood obesity and childhood diabetes (a disease never seen in children until recent history) are destroying the young lives of our future leaders. While Mom and Dad work long hours to cover the ever rising cost of living, our kids’ diets have largely consisted of items that are pre-packaged, processed and laden in man-made chemicals, all of which directly result in the declining health of our children. We are hopeful that our kid’s meals will help simplify meal time without sacrificing nutrition. Our new kid’s menu has all of the “go to” items that kid’s love with a little Catered Fit twist to them. We have polled many moms and dads and are confident our Kids Menu will be a big hit for kids and parents alike!

With Catered Fit’s 2018 goals well underway thanks to a great team of people working together to deliver health to all, I’ve had a bit of time to sit down and map out my own goals for 2018.

Historically I have not made New Year’s resolutions. I often find them to be a bit trite and have instead told myself that I would stick to the same script; work hard, improve my physical fitness, and spend more time with the people I love. All of those goals will remain this year and for years to come, however I will be making an official New Year’s Resolution this year and here I am, sharing it with the world so that I have no choice but to deliver!

This year I am going to learn Spanish. Hispanic culture is a part of the fabric of our country and is especially engrained in both Florida and California, the states we currently service. While I do remember bits and pieces from Spanish class in high school, it is only enough to put together an order at my favorite Latin eateries. I believe I owe the Latin American cultures that have played such a pivotal part in our communities a greater respect. When I travel abroad I am often humbled and embarrassed by how many people I meet that speak multiple languages fluently while I can only speak my native tongue. This year I am to change that!

My only other resolution is to make Yoga a part of my life. I have always loved exercise and pushing my physical limits. I’ve always prided myself on NEVER making excuses as to why I couldn’t fit in exercise 5 days per week. Well, I am 36 years young now and my body is telling me it is time for a new addition to my physical fitness routine. Yoga has proven to increase flexibility, mobility and help clear our ever cluttered minds. So look out for me in the “downward dog position” at a park or beach near you☺

Do you have resolutions or long term goals that are guiding you this new year? Share them with us so that we can encourage each other and hold each other accountable! Tweet at us @CateredFit.

Until next time, health is wealth,

Adam Friden / CEO   

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