Dishing Up A Healthier Thanksgiving

Turkey dinner

What do sweat pants, pumpkin pie and turkey all have in common? You guessed it, it’s time for Thanksgiving again! This year we want to help you feel good about our favorite foodie holiday. No more food comas, food babies, or gastric distress. We’ve put together a foolproof guide to help keep you on track during this year’s holiday feast.

Portion Your Plate

Probably the most important key to nipping holiday overeating in the bud is being realistic with your portion sizes. There’s no question that we eat with our eyes first, especially when you’ve been mentally preparing for Thanksgiving all year and there’s a sweet potato casserole staring right at you. But you know the rule, everything in moderation. You don’t have to skip on the pie and potatoes, but limiting yourself to smaller portions means that you can have some of everything without turning into a pumpkin at the end of the evening.

Thanksgiving Plate

Eat Your Veggies First

Fill up on veggies first. Filling up on leafy greens and nutrient rich vegetables will leave you less room for the starchy foods that are full of empty calories. If possible, reach for fresh or steamed vegetables and not the ones cooked in butter and smothered with cheese.

Put Your Fork Down

It sounds obvious, but sometimes the pressure of having a fork in hand encourages mindless eating. Take a break, have a chat with your neighbor. These pauses will help you recognize when you are truly full as opposed to just recognizing when your plate is empty. This is Thanksgiving after all, so spend time talking at the table, not just eating.

Listen To Your Body

Often times we eat way past our full mark and end up in sweatpants on the couch in a tryptophan coma (we’ve all been there). Gorging yourself on exorbitant amounts of food stretches your stomach, and when you stretch your stomach, more food is required to achieve that feeling of fullness, leading you down a long path of overeating all the way to New Year’s Day. This Thanksgiving, make a point of eating only until you’re full (gotta leave room for dessert…) and not until you’re as stuffed as that centerpiece turkey.

Post Turkey Day

Getting into the swing of healthful eating can be challenging during the holiday months of November and December when comfort food, potluck dinners, cookies, and candies are hard to avoid. You could try meal prepping and calorie counting but adding that on top of shopping for gifts and preparing your home for guests quickly becomes overwhelming. Try a Catered Fit meal plan instead! We take care of the grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and portioning for you. We even deliver your meals straight from our kitchen to your door. You just have to heat up your food and enjoy it. Give it a try! Save $25 on your first meal plan with the code TURKEY25.

Gobble. Gobble!

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