Farmers’ Markets in Miami

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Miami Farmer’s Market

If you’ve never visited any of Miami’s farmers’ markets, now is the time. It’s never been easier to obtain fresh, local fare than this summer, when Miami is practically bursting with produce, dairy products, meats, and even household items far superior to anything you’ll find at your local supermarket.

Farmers’ markets are an important part of a health-conscious community, because they provide urban dwellers access to products they couldn’t otherwise easily obtain, and because they give rural farmers new opportunities to reach customers.
Here are some of our favorite spots for picking up fresh, local fare in Miami:

Coral Gables Farmers Market

This is a full-service farmers’ market, with enough to do and see that it can easily become more of an excursion than just a quick shopping trip. Cooking demonstrations, kids crafts and activities, gardening workshops – this place is about much, much more than just fruits and vegetables. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the Coral Gables Farmers Market comes up short on produce.  Tons of vendors show up every week with all of the gorgeous native produce that Florida boasts, plus some specialty veggies that are hard to find anywhere.  Stone crabs, orchids, conch fritters and homemade granola bars are just some of the specialty food items that draw a crowd. Don’t miss this one!

FIU Maidique Campus Farmer’s Market

Open on Wednesdays during the spring and fall semesters, this market gives busy college students a chance to dive into local offerings and specialty items. The snacks and treats are popular choices, but it’s also fun to see young people excitedly delving into tables of local avocados and tomatoes.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden Market

Open through April on Wednesday afternoons, the botanical gardens host a beautiful farmers’ market with hard-to-find produce, smoothies, sandwiches, and paella. Visitors enjoy the gorgeous setting, and this market is a great way to pair a shopping excursion with a trip to one of Miami Beach’s treasures.

Upper Eastside Farmers Market

A small offering in Legion Park, most Sundays see about a dozen vendors selling kombucha, houseplants, sauces and jams, and of course some great local produce. We love the fresh juice and vegan bean dip, and the Upper Eastside market sources much of its wares from farms on the Upper East side, so local means really, truly local. If you want to support a market that’s also making a real difference in people’s lives, this is a good choice – vendors at this location accept EBT cards.

Catered Fit

This is just a sampling of some of the farmers’ markets in and around Miami. Check out the options closest to your neighborhood, or venture across town to a new spot to find something exciting and support local farmers, bakers, crafters and innovators. Never forget to pick up a dozen of what will undoubtedly be the best eggs you’ve ever eaten, and go home feeling happy about your wholesome local choices, and engaged with your community!
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