The Benefits of Juicing

Catered Fit Juice 24 Karat cold pressed juice

Whether you’re trying to develop better nutrition habits or just need a quick nutrient boost throughout the day, juicing produce is a great way to make it happen.

By consuming fresh, raw juice instead of sugary juice drinks or even fresh produce, you can get the nutrition you need and nothing you don’t. So what is it about juicing produce that’s so much better for you than the alternatives? We’re glad you asked!

Raw Juice Has a Higher Concentration of Nutrients

Almost all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs can be found in raw produce, but you’d need to consume pounds of it to get your recommended daily intake of them. By juicing produce instead of eating it as-is, you can get almost everything you need for your body to thrive without having to consume excess produce or take supplements.

Consuming Raw Juice Improves Nutrient Absorption

When produce is juiced, difficult-to-digest fiber is removed. This allows the body to absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently while allowing the digestive system a chance to “rest” from fiber processing. To make up for the lost fiber, you can include fiber powders or consume a diet high in lean protein such as those offered in our meal plan for athletes.

Raw Juice Can Improve Immune System Functioning

Stress and exhaustion naturally compromise the body’s immune system, but sufficient nutrients can help improve its functioning. With more than 70 percent of the body’s immune system being found in the gut, the foods you eat can make all of the difference in your immune system’s ability to function correctly. The best juices for immune system functioning include carrots, oranges, kale, tomatoes, strawberries and mangos.

Juicing is Quick and Easy to Manage

Juicing takes only a few short seconds before it’s ready to consume. While it’s best to consume freshly-juiced produce, it can be consumed up to a few days after processing making it an ideal grab-and-go meal supplement. By purchasing cold pressed juice blends from Catered Fit, you can save time and effort, and avoid having to wash your juicer every time, too!

Consuming Raw Juice Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Old habits are hard to break and new ones hard to develop. Fortunately, consuming juiced produce is an easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle without having to make other major changes in routine. It is a quick, effortless and effective way to introduce vital nutrients and minerals into the body without forcing you to adopt a whole new regimen to make it happen.

Catered Fit’s Cold-Pressed Juices

Developing a healthy lifestyle is one that takes commitment and practice, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. By enjoying Catered Fit’s cold-pressed juices of fruits and vegetables, you can get the nutrition your body needs to thrive without a lot of time spent in preparation. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your health without cutting into your already busy day, then try our line of fresh, cold-pressed juice today. You’ll be glad you did!

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