Superfoods You Can Buy at Your Local Grocery


So called “superfoods” are a special category of foods that pack a lot of nutrition into one serving. They provide you with plenty of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants… all in one food.

Some of the foods that fall into this category are hard to find, and difficult to pronounce, but this list includes only everyday foods that you might not have realized were “superfoods.” They are also ones you already know (and can pronounce!) and that you can easily find at your local supermarket.

1) Leafy Greens: You can find leafy green vegetables at any grocery store. These greens are highly nutritious, but most people simply do not eat enough of them. Studies show that those who eat a diet high in green leafy vegetables have a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Fresh, raw, green, leafy vegetables contain high doses of chlorophyll, easily digestible proteins, enzymes and vitamins and minerals. These vegetables also help enhance the immune system and cleanse the kidneys. Buy spinach, dandelion greens, kale, watercress, parsley, lettuce, endive or broccoli sprouts the next time you go shopping.

2) Blueberries: Blueberries are rich in compounds that help protect your heart and may help prevent cancer. The compounds in these dark blue berries can also help slow (and even reverse) age-related memory loss.
3) Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins, fiber, potassium and manganese. Sweet potatoes can help stabilize your blood sugar, too, and they have a low glycemic index.

4) Chia Seeds: Chia seeds have been around for more than 3,000 years. The Aztecs used them as one of their primary plant sources of food. Chia seeds are high in omega-3s and calcium.

5) Seaweed: Seaweed helps to alkalize the blood and neutralize the effects of acid in the diet. Studies also show that seaweed can help with weight loss and even deter cellulite. Seaweed has a high concentration of natural iodine which can help stimulate the thyroid gland.

6) Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid which is digested more easily by the body than other vegetable oils. Coconut oil speeds up the metabolism which helps with weight loss. Coconut oil also supports healthy metabolic function and is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal agent.

7) Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the best superfoods out there. It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, calcium, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. It also contains a chemical which helps fight prostate cancer and glucoraphanin which helps to purify the skin and repair skin cells.

8) Avocados: These superfoods are filled with fiber, potassium, folate and vitamin B. While the avocado is high in fat, it is “good fat,” which provides a number of health benefits. This fat actually helps your body absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

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