The Perks of Running in Tampa, Florida

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Are you sitting on the fence about starting a running regimen? Perhaps you know the joy of jogging but need a little nudge. The idea of running may be new to you. You may already be an avid sprinter. Whatever your reason for reading this, we invite you to get on the fast track to fitness. A mere five minutes of running can substantially boost your health. Nutritious Catered Fit meal plans will help you maximize results.

The rewards of running include:

Breezy Outlook

Jogging will improve your mood. Have you heard of “runner’s high”? It’s a delightful rush of energy that surges during a run. Intense activity releases chemicals that prompt the feeling of pleasure. A 2012 study in the Journal of Experimental Biology credits these substances for stimulating brain reward pathways. Running protects against depression. If you’re not in the best of mindsets, a sprint will make you smile.

Longer Life

Running can lengthen your lifespan. The Journal of the American College of Cardiology cites a 15-year study showing that joggers live an average of three years longer than non-joggers. The risk of death is also reduced by 30 percent. This holds true even after factoring in age, gender, weight, alcohol, and smoking.

Lean Physique

You already know that exercise promotes weight loss. What you may not be aware of is the exciting after-burn effect. Even after you stop running, your body continues humming. Elevated oxygen boosts metabolic rate. Levels of human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor also rise. These chemicals trigger muscle growth and fat loss. The after-burn effect lasts for two days beyond your workout. Running can help you melt 100 calories per mile.


Jogging makes you smart in several ways. It spurs circulation to the brain. Increased oxygen sharpens focus and attention span. The benefit lasts for three hours. Thus, running before work or school can help you perform better. Memory and learning are enhanced through improved nerve cell communication. Running fosters creativity. While jogging, your mind gets a breather. The mental refreshment speeds data processing. You become more efficient and productive. If you’re struggling for an answer to a dilemma, going for a run can give you a light-bulb moment.

Heart Health

If you run for just five minutes a day, you’ll reduce the risk of heart disease by 45 percent. This is the finding of a 2014 study reported in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Sprinting triples the capacity of your arteries to expand! Elastic vessels efficiently circulate blood. Less force is exerted against artery walls, reducing blood pressure. This also eases the workload on the heart. Running elevates good cholesterol. It triggers the production of a protein that specifically protects heart cells. It also strengthens your lungs.

Strong Bones

Weight-bearing exercise cues bone cells to replicate. The physical impact shuttles minerals into bones to build strength. Bones are also fortified by the act of muscles pulling on them. Running is a form of high-impact exercise. Pounding the ground helps support the 206 bones in your body.

Less Stress

Jogging makes stress bite the dust. It gives you time to reflect. It also clears your mind. “Feel-good” chemicals called endorphins are released, blocking the effect of stress hormones. Running gives adrenaline and cortisol the boot. It’s both exhilarating and relaxing. It stimulates body systems while simultaneously calming the mind. Jogging makes you optimistic and improves self-image. The rhythm of running can induce a meditative state. By focusing on breathing or pacing, mental distractions dissipate and the mind becomes still.

Bolstered Immunity

Running makes you more resistant to illness and disease. It chases away colds, flu, infections, and cancer. Over 600 studies prove the immune-boosting gains of running. 8/ Jogging speeds protective cells through your body. They rapidly go to work, attacking fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Killer cells, antibodies, and white blood cells wipe out foreign invaders. Increased body temperature further inhibits bacterial growth. Potentially carcinogenic compounds are eliminated through perspiration. The window of improved immunity lasts for up to three days after running.

Sweet Sleep

Running helps summon the sleep fairy. A 2012 study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that jogging facilitates sleep. 9/ The post-exercise drop in body temperature is the ideal preface to slumber. If you jog outside, the exposure to sunlight has a thermal-regulating effect. The deep sleep rendered by running decreases the impact of stress. A daily run will help you nod off easier and wake up refreshed.

Looking for some upcoming races that will spark your inner runner? Tampa has many upcoming events such as…

If you love a good trail and woods run, the Flatwoods 10 mile & 5K Race is the perfect race for you.

For all of you long distance runners check out the Long Play 33.5 Mile race.

Like wet feet and obstacle courses then the Picnic Island Adventure race is for you.

Use Catered Fit to Be Fit

We have a variety of meal plans to support your exercise goals.

  • Athletes – Menus meet the calorie needs of athletes. Meals are high in protein and moderate in carbs and fats. You receive all the essential nutrients needed for muscle growth and repair. Choose delivery of three, four, or five meals per day. Meals can be modified to complement Vegetarian and Pescatarian diets. Your taste buds will hit the ground running!
  • Smart – This plan delivers basic nourishment and fantastic taste. Meals are perfectly balanced to support healthy weight. Smart menus help you eat wisely and feel great. The plan includes three meals daily.
  • Paleo – Meals are free of dairy, grains, gluten, and processed food. Center stage are lean meat, fresh veggies, vibrant fruits, and crisp nuts. You enjoy sustained energy and luscious flavor. The Paleo plan is ideal for paring down pounds. It’s also diabetic-friendly. Dishes vary daily, so you never feel bored or deprived. Choose from three, four, or five meals per day.
  • Vegetarian – This plan stars complex carbs, plant-based protein, vegetables, and fruits. Though eggs and dairy are included, they can be excluded upon request. Meals can be modified to provide athlete-sized portions or conform to Paleo style. Three delicious meals are delivered daily.
  • Pescatarian – Menus exclude meat and feature fish, eggs, dairy, and plant-based protein. All seafood is wild-caught and never sourced from Asia or the Gulf of Mexico. The plan accommodates athletic appetites and Paleo preferences. You receive three delectable meals per day.

Streamlined Eating

Facilitate achieving your fitness goals with the convenience of healthy, delivered meals. Our gourmet dishes are made fresh daily and offered at an affordable price. Low in sodium, they promote healthy blood pressure. Low-glycemic foods keep blood sugar balanced. Meals are free of hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and dyes.

Become a healthy, lean running machine with Catered Fit cuisine!

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