Cold-Pressed is Worth the Expense

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As far as healthy juices go, cold-pressed reigns supreme. It can also sell for a premium price. For hard-core health seekers, the cost is worth it. Those new to cold-pressed may feel it’s beyond their budget. Still, the cold-pressed trend is sweeping the nation. Is this juice worth the expense? The hands-down answer is a definite “Yes!”

Comparing Apples to Oranges

There are two primary means of extracting juice. One involves the use of a centrifuge. The other utilizes a hydraulic press. The end result is like comparing apples to oranges.

Centrifugal Juice Extractor

This machine operates a high-speed blade that spins food against a mesh filter. Produce is shredded and pulverized. Outward force separates the juice from pulp. The fast-moving blade generates heat and friction, destroying enzymes and nutrients. The quality of juice is also degraded by exposure to forced air. Heat and oxidation deliver a one-two punch against nutrition.

Cold-Pressed Juicer

This juicer uses a hydraulic press to crush and squeeze produce. There is no blade to generate heat or draw air. This preserves the enzymes and nutrients. Cold-pressed juice yields maximal nutrition.

Side-By-Side Comparison

Getting back to the analogy of comparing apples to oranges, here’s a juxtaposition of the two juice types.

Cold Pressed Juice
Centrifugal Juice

A centrifugal juicer whirs at a speed of 3,000+ RPM to blast produce apart. Juice is extracted within a few minutes. Following is the result:

  • Appearance – juice will begin separating almost immediately. It will also start to turn brown.
  • Consistency – air bubbles create a foamy texture.
  • Flavor – the heat involved in juicing can create an unpleasant aftertaste, resembling plastic.
  • Nutrient Retention – compromised.
  • Longevity – juice must be consumed within 20 minutes of extraction to reap its benefits.

Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressing is a slow and meticulous process. It takes 12-24 hours from sourcing to juicing to bottling.

  • Appearance – minor separation.
  • Consistency – minimal foam; juice has a velvety texture.
  • Flavor – bright and vibrant.
  • Nutrient Retention – juice has 60 percent more Vitamin A and 42 percent more Vitamin C than its centrifuged counterpart. How’s that for impressive stats!
  • Longevity – juice will remain fresh for up to 3 days. Cold-pressed juice lasts longer in the absence of forced air.

The Bottom Line

Centrifuged is essentially fast-food juice. Cold-pressed is the real deal.

Cold-Pressed Pluses

Including cold-pressed juice in your meal plan has many pluses. Our delicious elixirs:

  • streamline detox
  • boost immunity
  • rev metabolism
  • spark energy
  • satisfy

Live foods are natural metabolism boosters. They stimulate circulation and saturate cells with vital nutrients. Catered Fit juices are 100{e1d1da273b635f16417ba655440684ad637b1b2ba84c62680fba63d76bda128b} organic. Your body is fueled with life-giving nourishment, free of artificial chemicals, sugar, and preservatives.

Cost Comparison

The average market price for cold-pressed juice is $10 per 16-ounce bottle. Catered Fit juice costs as low as $8 when added to a meal plan. That’s a savings of $2 per bottle! If you purchase our juice separately, the average daily cost is $9.16 per bottle.

Behind the Numbers

Cold-pressed juice requires more produce. It takes over two pounds of fruit and vegetables to yield 16 ounces of juice. The higher cost of cold-pressed reflects the greater volume of produce.

Hydraulic force pumps up the expense too. Tremendous pressure is needed to extract the juice. It takes several tons of pressure to yield one delicious drop.

10 Jazzed-Up Juices

Take your pick of 10 vibrant varieties:

  • Carrot Cake – relieves stress
  • Tropikale – energizes
  • Prickly Pear – for healthy skin and nails
  • Cucumber Coolada – tummy-soothing
  • Sweet Beets – a sweetheart of a cleanser
  • 24 Karat – liquid gold to make your skin glow
  • Chia Fresca – puts a smile on your face
  • Refreshmint – for vibrant skin and clear vision
  • Date Night – protein-packed
  • Green Machine – revitalizes

The Case For Cold-Pressed

Cold-pressed takes longer to prepare. To us, it’s worth the extra care. At Catered Fit, you receive the best. When it comes to juice, that means cold-pressed!

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