Healthy Meal Delivery Service

stressed-grocery-shoppingBuying groceries and preparing meals every day is often nearly impossible for those who are busy with children, full-time jobs and hectic schedules. Using a meal delivery service is one way to not only cut down on the time spent preparing and cooking foods for your entire family each day, but it also helps to reduce the amount you spend while dining or eating out each month.

With Catered Fit, you can find a diet delivery services that are right for you individually or your entire family starting at $440 each month. A professional catering service saves time of trying to prepare food and eat healthy with planned meals and scheduled deliveries. The average man spends approximately $435 a month shopping for groceries, with the average woman spending $387.36, making a delivery service much more convenient if you are concerned with saving time when preparing healthy and nutritious meals for yourself and household.

When cooking, the average man spends 25 minutes doing so each day, with 44 minutes of time being dedicated to cooking by women. If you are spending approximately $300 to $400 a month and nearly 25-44 minutes daily cooking, you are also using up a minimum of 750 minutes a month of your time prepping and cooking meals you could have otherwise had delivered right to your own doorstep.

PALEO1With the average individual spending 27 minutes grocery shopping during the week and 72 minutes on the weekend, it is no wonder using a meal delivery service is highly recommended for those who have hectic lives and overcrowded schedules. Unsure of how to go about preparing nutritional meals for your kids and your entire household, a meal delivery service can ensure you are getting all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients required for you to stay healthy and strong, especially during ages of development and growth.

Regardless of whether you have a full household of children or if you are simply too busy to shop regularly, consider the option of a Catered Fit healthy meal delivery plan. Our meal plans guarantee all ingredients are prepared fresh and ready to be devoured upon delivery. Sign up online today or call us to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer services agents and get started on a diet delivery plan selected specifically for your needs.

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