Is a Dairy Free Diet Right For You?

Have you ever heard about the dairy free diet? Many decide on a dairy free diet for ethical reasons or due to a medical condition. Others unknowingly do the dairy free diet because it is the new fad in health. The question is if a dairy free diet is beneficial?

Dairy Free
Dairy-free lettering sign made with colorful background and white ceramic letters.

You may not even know it but many of the foods we consume have a certain amount of dairy. Giving up dairy without a good reason can cause your health to suffer. Consuming dairy products provides certain nutrients needed to have a functioning body.

  • Countless studies have shown that calcium is vital to building strong bones in childhood and adolescence. During adulthood it helps maintain bone strength and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Dentists recommend drinking water or milk to strengthen your teeth.
  • A diet rich in low-fat dairy products can greatly reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease and strokes. Dairy products, fruit and vegetables are extremely effective at reducing blood pressure.
  • Excluding dairy products from the diet is likely to increase the risk of colon cancer because it increases the toxicity of feces.

Whenever you cut certain foods that provide you with the vitamins and nutrients needed for a functional body, you will have to replace them. When you cut out dairy you will need to substitute the levels of Calcium, Zinc and B Vitamins with specific supplements or other foods that contain these vital vitamins.

For any or all of the above reasons, it is important to consume some type of low-fat dairy each day. Dairy products that are consumed in their low-fat or fat-free forms offer a bounty of health benefits.

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