How dieting Makes you Fat

Every day people decide to go on “diets” in order to lose weight. It’s admirable when people decide to make healthy life changes. Unfortunately, going on and off incorrect weight-loss diets can cause people to gain more weight in the long term. Did you know, over 35 percent of Americans are obese, and almost 70 percent are overweight?

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Many people live under the misconception that the less you eat the more weight you will loose. Not true, restricting what you eat will make you fat. Worse still: “Yo-yo” dieting can cause depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Frequent on and off dieters are 60% more likely to die from heart disease than those who don’t starve themselves.  People don’t realize that cutting certain foods out from their meals they may be denying the body important nutrients.

“Going on a diet” is, like it implies, a temporary solution. This is because at some point, the individual will one day not be on a diet. It’s very common to see people gorge large quantities of unhealthy foods as a self-reward after dieting; others believe that dieting tomorrow gives them the right to pig out today.

It turns out; a short-term eating frenzy can leave you with long-term consequences. Think of this, if a person goes on four weeks of eating all the wrong foods and not exercising  (something a lot of people do during the holidays), can cause unnatural extra weight gain for more than two years after the binge. Gorging in food changes the metabolism to favor weight gain, an effect found to last for at least 30 months.

Mind over Body

There is a part of the brain that is programmed to make an individual pack up on fat and calories to deal with stressful situations. Individuals who have a history of going on weight-loss “diets”, are more likely to seek out more and fattier foods during times of stress making the bounce rate of weight speed up and more noticeable when they stop dieting.

The reason that diets don’t work over the long term is that they promote a loss of the internal signals for hunger and fullness that are necessary for normal eating.

Instead of “going on a diet,” the far better strategy is to change your eating habits. Instead of rapid weight loss, it’s better to slowly transform your body while it gets used to a healthier lifestyle.

Eating healthy on a schedule daily plan, like the ones offered in Catered Fit, can re-program your brain and metabolism for optimal weight. Over time, portioned healthy eating, eliminates the intense food cravings caused by yo-yo dieting, and gets you on a life-long path of total health and fitness. Start your Plan Today

Balanced eating habits are the solution, not only for weight loss but also for overall good health. Balanced eating means restricting refined and processed foods and eliminating the consumption of artificial fats. For more information or to start a path in eating healthy contact Catered Fit at 954-549-4693 or

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