Catered Fit vs. The Competition

People are constantly asking us why more and more people are choosing Catered Fit as their Healthy Delivery Service in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County over other companies. And here is why…Number one shape with green leaves.

Catered FitThe Competition
• All meals are COOKED FRESH and delivered DAILY.• Delivers in bulk, which means their customers are eating meals that are several days old.
• We have a new menu every week of the year, ensuring your taste buds will NOT get bored.• They maintain the same plain food choices for 4-6 week making eating a dull routine.
• We deliver between 5-9PM to accommodate YOUR busy schedule.• Delivers at random hours of the night and early morning so that they can cut delivery costs at your expense.
• We use BPA-free, microwaveable containers that can be reused and recycled, to protect the environment and your health.• Use cheaper plastics that cannot be microwaved, which leaves you with either poisonous plastic particles on your meals or the need to carry plates for reheating.
• We have 5 menus to choose from, each designed to help you accomplish your particular goals and nutritional requirements.• They do not offer variety to accommodate individual’s lifestyles. Giving everyone the same food without considering the client’s needs and goals.
• Our delivery is always FREE.• They charge by the week or by the mile and don’t tell you until checkout time.

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