Are your Office Habits Affecting your Health?

People living in fast paced world and in stressful working environments pay very little attention to their eating habits. Individuals only start realizing how bad they are eating when they begin suffering from diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

There are many reasons why people unfortunately walk down the path of unhealthy choices; lack of time, not a lot of healthy food choices available, ignorance on what is good for them, etc. However most of these choices are more evident during work hours.

female worker is snacking in office

Working environments can be full of temptations; whether it’s junk food from vending machines, a coworker bringing donuts as a “kind” gesture, long office meetings with snacks or the occasional birthday party. All are causes for more people gaining weight and becoming less productive.

One of the biggest problems people have with meals at work is the time they eat and the portions they consume. When people eat too fast, the food is not adequately chewed, increasing the load on the stomach and intestines, which can lead to obesity and other health problems.

The fact that people wait a long time to eat can sometimes lead them to consume 2-3 times the recommended serving size. Recommended serving sizes are established to keep your weight under control. Office meals should make you feel full, not stuffed.

How to Eat Better at Work

We understand that eating right at the office is difficult. The most important thing to do when having lunch during work is step away from your desk to eat. If you don’t have a company break room, try going outside. Eating in your car or in a green area are good ideas.

  • When it comes to selecting your lunch, pick healthy options. If you can pack your own food this will help you get a nutritious and well-balanced meal.
  • Try to eat breakfast before getting to work. This in order to boost your metabolism in the morning. And make you less hungry and making bad eating decisions.
  • Plan afternoon snacks ahead and stock up on better options, rather than taking multiple trips to the vending machine.

An Eating plan that works for you

The most important in eating healthier is that it needs to be catered so it works for you and your specific needs and preferences. Recognize your daily patterns and habits, and find a plan that works for you.  If you work in an office and are trying to manage your weight, you have to be committed, organized and ready to stand up for your decisions to eat better.  Sometimes due to the lack of time and knowledge we seek advice from health professionals. At Catered Fit a Healthy food delivery Miami service, we have created various plans to fit diverse lifestyles and take away the stress of finding balance in your eating habits.  Not only are our plans made to help individuals eat healthier but delivered at a cost everyone can appreciate.

While it can be hard at first, don’t be surprised if over time, more people start to try eating your way. Being healthy becomes contagious once others see your dedication, increased energy and great results!

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